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I was born and grew up in Vancouver. In 2010 I started taking painting classes, and since then, painting has quickly become a passion. For the previous 30 or so years, I was a full time potter, but the worlds of painting and ceramic soon collided. I paint to capture a moment, a scene, or a mood that would otherwise pass by unnoticed. In both ceramics and paint, I love colour, but in painting I am trying to capture the light at that particular moment. I am also interested in recording some of Vancouver’s neighbourhoods and buildings that at this time are changing so quickly

I have recently become an active member of Federation of Canadian Artists.

  1. Jim Utley permalink

    Sylvia, we have your painting, English Bay Sunset, and would like to buy another that would complement the one we have. Where do you currently have your paintings available for sale?

    • Hi Jim. I believe you bought the Sunset painting from Dr. Vigari Gallery, which has now closed. I do not having paintings in other galleries, although I occasionally show at the Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery on Granville Island. But , sorry to say, I have no other paintings that would work with the English Bay Sunset painting. I have images from the same viewpoint (our balcony in the West End) of sunsets though that you may like that I could send you and if you were interested in any of them, I could possibly do a painting for you on commission. you can email me at if you want to continue this conversation

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